Why is Orthodontic Treatment Needed?

This treatment is indispensable for several reasons. First, it helps to improve aesthetic
appearance of the mouth and teeth, then fixes functional problems, leading to better oral health.
The latter means how to cure pain, create better contact between the teeth, through the
positioning of the teeth properly secured also a better hygiene etc. It also helps in correcting
many defects, which may be congenital or gained with growth, such as palate that has to do with
the narrow palate, giving problems both in the lining of the lips and in the breathing problems.
These people mostly make oral breathing, which means that they breathe through the mouth at
night. These patients are more likely to exhibit problems of carious processes, etc.

When should orthodontic treatment be started?
Orthodontic treatment, according to numerous studies that have been conducted, should start at
the age of seven. However, not always age is fixed, as it depends on the problems each
individual may have. These problems can be genetic or acquired during life. Despite these
definitions, it is the specialist orthodontist who determines the time when this treatment should
be performed after visiting the situation to the individual who complains about certain
orthodontic problems.
When is the best age to visit a doctor of this specialty?
The best age to start visits to a specialist doctor is six years of age, as at this time the evergreen
outbreak starts. In the case of problems, catching them at such times is very good, as it helps in
their successful treatment by keeping the tooth as well as avoiding the worst problems that may
arise with age. Not knowing this service in recent times it has been noticed that a large part of
people are forced to put the braces at an older age, while the need for keeping them has been at a
young age. Therefore, it is necessary to re-imagine the idea of ​​early controls, as only through
them can we successfully overcome any problems that can arise in our mouth health.
Stop laying the orthodontic apparatus, specifically where does the care of the teeth at this stage?
When installing mobile devices, what is most important is to establish a good bridge between the
doctor and the patient. If there is no co-operation between the two parties, keeping the apparatus
for sufficient time in the patient may not reach satisfactory results. Placement of the appliance is
accompanied by frequent and occasional visits by the patient to the specialist doctor, during
which the improvement of the problem will be corrected through the appliance.
Does the setting of the appliances cause pain, and during their retention, is it necessary to brush
the teeth more frequently?
Placing the devices can initially cause pain but are not of severe levels. More create a sense of
nuisance as they are something new in the mouth. But in spite of setting them up in a few days,
the patient is taught and feels unable to keep them or is surrounded by a sense of strong pain.
Practice has shown that camera setting occurs very quickly and that patients do not have to fear
or feel that when the doctor asks for the appliance. Normally, in such cases hygiene should be
very careful and optimal, especially in keeping healthy gums. For these patients it is advised to
carefully care for the teeth, especially after food, in order to avoid collecting food particles in the

interior of the appliance. Washing immediately and using a special brush avoids such a problem
and creates no concern for the patient.