Dr. Erilda Xholi
Dr. Erilda Xholi has been devoted to the orthodontic treatment of children, adolescents and
adults since 2013. After finishing her studies in Albania at the faculty of medicine in dentistry,
she has completed undergraduate studies, a second level master’s degree in Orthodontics and
Dental Orthopedics, at the Aquila University and currently is undergoing postgraduate studies in
the US.
Member of the Orders of US Doctors.
Extra Credits
Dr. ErildaXholi often attends lectures and seminars, national and international, in various
specialties, including:

  • Second Orthodontic Meeting, 2015
  • Basics of Orthodontic-Surgical Training 2015
  • Innovation in class II education with and without extras, 2016
  • National Conference on Medical Sciences 4, 2017
  • National Conference on Medical Sciences 5, 2018
  • Challenges in oral cavity rehabilitation, 2018
  • Innovation in Medical Sciences, 2018