Aesthetic Today, all over the world, it has become a trend for all actors and any person who wants a perfect and brilliant smile without damaging natural teeth using Emax beads. All this is achieved first by the consultation that is done with the dentist where it is decided if it is possible to place the facets where above all the technique and the material to be used should be considered. Emax and Emax Lumineers are the most commonly used materials for aesthetic aisles, which are stronger than porcelain Cerinate. Their thickness is about 0.3mm 0.5mm. So they are quite similar to a contact lens. One of the advantages of Emax is that it requires little or no reduction of teeth for the application of these drums. Emax is made up of lithium disilicate ceramics pottery. It is not only stable but also offers aesthetics for outstanding cases. The opacity of Emax Lumineers is designed to replicate your natural tooth structure. Thus, no one will realize that you have undergone restoration in a smile. Emax Lumineers will match your existing teeth. In this way, natural integration into your smile will be achieved. They can also be personalized based on shades and colors you like. They require little or no tooth decay, maintaining the integrity of the tooth structure. Plus, you will not experience stress for damage to your tooth. And if you are not happy, they can be easily removed without damaging the tooth structure. In addition, there is no damage to the tooth nerves

How long can they stay in the mouth?
Emax Lumineers can last from 5 to 20 years, depending on how you care about them, the techniques
that are followed and many factors that can affect their lifespan.
Are they applicable to everyone?
Unfortunately, Emax porcelain veneers and Emax Lumineers are not for everyone. That is why you
should see if this technique allows you to be a good candidate for this procedure.
One of the things to consider is the bite where it can play an important role in determining whether this
restoration procedure is a great choice for you. It should be seen secondly and the structure of the teeth
as they are.
Thirdly, all the teeth present in the front should be applied to this technique.

Patient candidates who are considered for facials are: patients who have dental spaces, patients with
spots on the front teeth, patients with many fillings in the front teeth, patients who want a color and a
perfect size. For having beads, patients should have a good periodontal condition of tooth gums and a
good control over oral overall health.
If you are not a good candidate, do not worry. There are other techniques and procedures to perfect
and transform the ideal smile for your case.
Caring for faxes
It is recommended brushing and flossing just like regular natural teeth. Proper washing every day and
the use of non-corrosive fluoride toothpaste.
The use of coffee as well as other stain-makers should be restricted. Phones will need to be replaced at
a point, no matter how well you have been cared for. But proper oral hygiene will help extend the
deadline as long as possible. If you are determined to use facial tissues, you should first consult the
dentist and make sure that you understand each stage of the process as well as the cost. A nice smile
also affects your confidence and well-being.