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The dental studios “Xholi” and “Xholi1” are one of the most famous dental clinics in Albania.The clinic staff at Xholi Dental includes range of specialists from variety of departments such as Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Implantology Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Conservative dentistry, Cosmetic dentistry, Restorative dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontics, and Pediatric dentistry.

For Children

Our clinics offer special facilities for children.

We build trust relationships with your child, through an environment where children feel safe and
happy. In our clinics we have a place only for children, so they feel comfortable and fearless. It is a place
where our experts in pediatric dentistry are trained and want to help children develop positive feelings
about their oral health and visit the dentist with the will. In our clinics, children are happy to visit and
parents are as happy as patients.

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Dr.Prof Florjan Xholi

Dr. Florian Xholi offers high quality dental care since 2009.
He is dedicated to the science and art of implantology and oral surgery, and works to be sure that his patients have the best care and treatment possible . Education Graduated at University UNIZKM, Faculty of Dentistry and then at the "Tor Vergata" faculty of Rome.
He has completed undergraduate master studies for implantology and dental prosthetics at UNIZKM University and then again a master in surgery-implantology at the University of Aquila, the faculty of dentistry. Member of the order of the doctors in Italy. Doktorature at the university of medicine, the faculty of dentistry titled "Placement of implants in diabetic patients".
He currently teaches Aldent University as a professor in Anesthesia. Extra Credits Dr. Florian xholi often attends lectures and seminars, national and international in various specialties, including:
- 17th Congress of the Balkan Dental Association, May 2012
- 3rd National Conference of Implanto-Protezes, January 2009
- 5th National Conference of Implanto-Protezes, January 20011
- 6th National Conference of Implanto-Protezes, March 20012
- Basic training for Galaxis software and CT3D Planing and CEREC Workflow, 2014
- National Conference of Medical Sciences 4, 2017
- National Conference of Medical Sciences 5, 2018
- Innovation in Medical Sciences, 2018

Dr. Erilda Xholi

Dr. Erilda Xholi has been devoted to the orthodontic treatment of children, adolescents and adults since 2013.
After finishing her studies in Albania at the faculty of medicine in dentistry, she has completed undergraduate studies, a second level master's degree in Orthodontics and Dental Orthopedics, at the Aquila University and currently is undergoing postgraduate studies in the US.
Member of the Orders of US Doctors. Extra Credits Dr. ErildaXholi often attends lectures and seminars, national and international, in various specialties, including:
- Second Orthodontic Meeting, 2015
- Basics of Orthodontic-Surgical Training 2015
- Innovation in class II education with and without extras, 2016 - National Conference on Medical Sciences 4, 2017 - National Conference on Medical Sciences 5, 2018 - Challenges in oral cavity rehabilitation, 2018 - Innovation in Medical Sciences, 2018

Happy Patients

Me te miret ne Tirane
Jeta Memeti
Buzeqesheshja ke emrin Xholi Dental, urime dr. Naimi !👏
Drita Dungu
Ju pershendes. Si gjithmon ye gatshem e te qeshur per to sherbyer njerezve me profesionalizem. Urime.
Thano Dhori

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